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Derwent Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 13.03.20

Posted 10/6/2020

Derwent Class have been thinking really deeply this week. In RE, we have been discussing what God is. We then followed this up with if God were a flower/weather/animal what might he be. The mature and varied responses were wonderful. The children were so respectful of all each others different beliefs.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 06.03.20

Posted 12/3/2020

What a wonderful day we all had yesterday, whilst celebrating World Book Day!

The wonderful costumes the children wore were fantastic and it was lovely to see the twist for some of them.

A big well done to everyone for their enthusiasm whilst taking part in the quiz, too.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 28.02.20

Posted 4/3/2020

This week Derwent Class have been looking at some of Aesop’s Fables as our end of term production is based on the story of The Hare and the Tortoise. The children have enjoyed reading different versions, making story maps, magpieing story words and then retelling them.
The stories the children wrote were full of detail and perfectly sequenced. I am really impressed with how much the children are able to soak up ideas from things they read and then use them in their own writing.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 14.02.20

Posted 27/2/2020

Derwent Class have started a geometry topic in Maths this week so we’ve had  fun doing lots of practical activities. First we started by reminding each other of what shapes are 2D and which are 3D. Then once we had recapped the names of the most common shapes we played a game with the feely bags to see if we could identify them by touch. The children were looking for circle, square, rectangle or curved faces as clues. Great attitudes shown to all the activities as usual this week!

Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 07.02.20

Posted 13/2/2020

This week the children in Derwent Class have been using the Charanga music software to learn the song “Three Little Birds”, by Bob Marley. They have sung the song and have practised the notes A & G on their recorders.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 31.01.20

Posted 3/2/2020

What a busy week we have had in Derwent Class! On Tuesday we went for a walk around Carlton as part of our Geography work. 

The children were able to follow routes on a map to various destinations. Lots of them discovered place in Carlton they never knew about before. 

Then on Wednesday vegetable soup was on the menu in DT. I was really impressed with the careful way the children washed, peeled, cut and cooked the vegetables. Hope you all enjoyed it!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 24.1.20

Posted 29/1/2020

This week, Derwent Class have really started enjoying and understanding their work on fractions. Year 2 have been learning to recognise a half, a quarter and a third. Whilst the Year 3 children have been looking at tenths and moving on to counting in different fractions. The children were not finding this easy last week but they have persevered and now are flying through any problems given to them.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 17.01.20

Posted 20/1/2020

Derwent Class are really enjoying their Gymnastics lessons this half term. The children are learning about different shapes, jumps and balances. I have been really impressed with the way the children have behaved around the equipment. As a result of this we have been able to push the children on to putting sequences together and using rolls to finish with.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.12.19

Posted 23/12/2019

This week Derwent Class have started their DT topic. We are making vehicles. We started the week by looking at different vehicles and what features they had. Then we looked at different wheels and axles before finally making the body of the cars. All the children have made a plan to show how they will decorate their vehicles. We can’t wait to see the finished product.


Image Gallery

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Last Weeks Catch Up 29.11.19

Posted 5/12/2019

This week Derwent Class have started their measuring topic in Maths. Year 2 have been learning how to measure accurately using rulers and metre sticks. The children have been using centimetres and metres and sometimes both. Year 3 have been using millimetres, centimetres and metres in their measuring. The children have really enjoyed the practical maths and I have been impressed with the collaboration they have shown.

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