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Aire Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 07.02.20

Posted 13/2/2020

Last Friday morning we had a very exciting visitor in Aire class, from Ben a drone pilot. Ben had very kindly sent Aire class some pictures and videos of Carlton, so we invited Ben to come to speak to us. Ben talked to us about his drone and told us how it worked. He also talked about staying safe and the rules for flying it. Then we went onto the school field to watch it fly. It went so high above us we could hardly see it. Ben took some photographs of our school grounds and us below  the drone. We can’t wait for our new pictures to arrive . We loved our visitor, and talking with confidence to Ben, asking him so many questions. I don’t think he will forget his visit to Carlton!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 31.01.20

Posted 3/2/2020

This week in Geography we have been looking at how we can create maps and plans by looking down on things. We talked about Ariel photographs and how places looked from above. We created our own plans of the classroom and then looked at lots of images of places and discussed what we could see. We looked at Scarborough Castle, York, Middlesbrough football stadium and then photographs and videos taken above Carlton. We are hoping today (weather permitting) that we get a visit from the person who took the photographs, and hope to see how he took them using his drone.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 24.1.20

Posted 29/1/2020

This week in Aire class we have been looking at China.  We have listened to Chinese music, marched and played along to it. We even took it in turns to be the conductor!  We have used special Chinese scrolls to write on, where our writing magically vanished. We learnt all about how the New years in China gain their names and acted out the story using small world.  Our home corner is now set in China, where we dress in traditional costumes and enjoy cooking in our wok.  We even have an expert in our class who showed us all how to hold and use chopsticks!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 17.01.20

Posted 20/1/2020

This week in Aire class we have been looking at Traditional tales and the art of Oral story telling.  We listened to the story Dragon Dinosaur, a traditional tale from China and wrote a sentence about which animal we would chose to fight a dinosaur. Then we learnt to perform our own oral story “This is the house that Jack built.”  Yesterday as part of our work on China we read The Great Race and acted it out using small world animals. What a busy week!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.12.19

Posted 23/12/2019

We are incredibly proud of Aire and Calder classes and their wonderful performance of Prickly Hay.Their singing and dancing was truly amazing and we were so proud of their confident speaking on stage. They have worked so well together as a team to put on the show, and we hope their parents enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed working with them. We are so proud of them!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 29.11.19

Posted 5/12/2019

This week in Aire class we have been looking at 2D shape. We started by watching the Numberblocks episode Flatland where number four and his pet Squarely visit Flatland and turn into real shapes. They meet lots of different shapes on their adventures. We then looked at each shape to learn its name and properties, before putting our knowledge into practise. We have had fantastic fun making shape pictures and winding shape paths around the classroom and outdoors. We had  to use our mathematical language to describe what we were doing.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.11.19

Posted 25/11/2019

We are delighted in Aire class about how our new phonics scheme Read, Write, Inc is having such a big impact on our children’s writing so early in the year. Our children love our phonics sessions and are so eager to write. They love using the magnetic boards to make their green words and then follow it up when they go into the provision areas. Every surface in our classroom seems to have a post it note or piece of writing blue tacked to it! Some of our children are taking this love of writing home with them, coming to school armed with note books and pages full of writing each morning.




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Last weeks catch up 15.11.19

Posted 21/11/2019

We have had a very exciting Children in Need (Pudsey bear) day on Aire Class today. We started by looking at what Children in need day was and read a wonderful story called Pudsey’s great fundraiser where the pages came alive.  Then we watched an animation that taught us step by step how to draw Pudsey bear.  We had lots of exciting activities, such as Pudsey bear mask making, making Pudsey and Blush out of playdough, Pudsey pencil control pages and lots of other fun activities. In the afternoon we visited class six to have a go on their stalls and buy their lovely buns!


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Last weeks catch up 08.11.19

Posted 15/11/2019

Last week in maths our Reception children have been using the Numberblocks episode The Whole of Me to look at how numbers can been broken down using the “part-part-whole” structure. Our Year ones met Blockzilla. A monster who lives in Numberblock land who loves to compare numbers and eat them. We used Blockzilla to learnt the mathematical signs for Greater than, Less than and equal to. The children loved making and using their own Blockzilla and then used it to compare the size of objects and cubes, before moving onto number cards. They were amazing!


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Last weeks catch up 18.10.19

Posted 30/10/2019

In Aire class this week we saw the arrival of our Message Centre. Here children can discover and write secret messages to other people! One of our  fantastic year one children was the first to discover the centre and his enthusiasm was infectious! We soon had a group of year ones writing secret messages with a team of spies  creeping around the classroom looking for, and hiding secret messages. I wonder what will happen next?

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