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Trent Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 13.09.19

Posted 18/9/2019

The children are working hard on recognising how an author develops characters through actions and dialogue. They have taken on the roles of the characters in our class novel to try and gain a deeper understanding of them, especially their emotions. This exercise also gave us the opportunity to revise punctuating speech and to consider how careful use of speech verbs can create the effect the author wants the character to have on the reader.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 06.09.19

Posted 13/9/2019

Welcome back everyone! Our promising Year Sixes have been working on their Class Charter this week, looking carefully at the Articles most relevant to a classroom setting. They have democratically chosen six articles which they feel will ensure a sound working environment in which to learn and succeed. They also argued their case so proficiently for a chocolate bar themed display that they won! It certainly promises to catch the eye and whet the appetite!


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Last weeks catch up 19.07.19

Posted 12/8/2019

What an exciting and emotional week Willow Class have had! They thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Selby Superbowl on Monday—it was such a pleasure to take them. They also enjoyed the inter– house rounders tournament and have completed their emotional task of writing a memory for their leavers’ service. Not forgetting their long awaited party. They are ready to move on. Good Luck Willow Class!

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Last weeks catch up 12.07.19

Posted 5/8/2019

It was ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ for our Year Sixes this week. What a wonderful job they did performing en masse for three audiences. They worked incredibly hard on their acting, embracing their characters admirably. Their singing was a joy and their actions were spot on! They were ably supported by the Year fives. What  an impressive finale to your  Primary years. Well done everyone!  Many thanks  to all the parents for your support - the costumes were brilliant  in making the final touch to the show.


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Last weeks catch up 05.07.19

Posted 19/7/2019

Fantastic effort by Year 6 during sports day! Whether it was taking part, making up the team, winning, being on hand to help with equipment, team encouragement or adding scores up, the children embraced everything with great sportsmanship and maturity. What a fabulous afternoon! 


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Last weeks catch up 28.06.19

Posted 19/7/2019

READ ALL ABOUT IT! Did you know that Greek mythical creatures have been spotted around the local area? The creatures identified include Medusa, Chimera, Hydra and The Sirens. They have settled in various locations:Carlton Towers, Drax Power Station cooling towers, the River Ouse and local woodland to name but a few. Keep reading this publication to get information as it unfolds. Take care of your families and at all times be on the watch!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 21.06.19

Posted 19/7/2019

The children have been completing their Greek pottery this week using gold paint. Delicate brush strokes were required due to the fragility of the pots and urns. In addition, they have continued their efforts on designing  their  version of a Greek urn, personalized with their own individual character for the summer production: Go for Gold., with come interesting versions of costumes!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 14.06.19

Posted 24/6/2019

This week, Willow Class have being learning some new techniques about clay making. We discussed how to roll, cut, and score the clay and why scoring the edges help knit the clay together. The children produced some lovely Greek styled pots and urns which they are learning about in their topic work.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 07.06.19

Posted 14/6/2019

Mr Miles, Carlton’s favourite tennis coach, once again encouraged the children in  improving their skills in the sport. They worked on controlling the ball, ensuring they were moving around the ‘court’ and hitting the ball with a more accurate aim. Willow Class thoroughly enjoyed their session, and dodging the  sharp showers only increased the fun, along with Mr Miles’ lovely rapport with the children!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 24.05.19

Posted 7/6/2019

Willow Class have been arguing all week, debating such issues as ‘It is cruel to keep animals in zoos’, ‘Happiness is more important than money’, ‘Footballers are overpaid ‘ and  ‘Books are more satisfying than films’. Their view points were verbalised before beginning to organise them on the page and some of their supporting reasons were most informative. They have learned to look at  issues from both perspectives  and to discuss them in a mature manner.

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