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Humber Catch up

Last Weeks Catch Up 08.02.19

Posted 13/2/2020

Elm class have continued with their work on electrical circuits. They have created and tested series circuits. I was really pleased with how the children worked in their groups and treated the equipment with respect. Well done Elm Class.


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Last Weeks Catch Up 07.02.20

Posted 13/2/2020

It’s been an amazing week in Humber class this week! We’ve been very busy creating cookies from our own recipes where we tried to mix both American and English traditions together. We had a great time and worked out how important the method was! We have also been working hard on planning our diary entries from an American trip, there definitely has been some exciting American adventures! Well done Humber your kindness and helpfulness has shone through this week! You should all be so proud!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 31.01.20

Posted 3/2/2020

We have had a busy week once again in Humber class. Year 4 have been working hard in maths learning how to calculate the area of rectilinear shapes and creating some very strange shapes, whilst year 3 have been working hard to measure and compare capacity. We have all transformed into paperclips this week to write our diary entries from a different perspective, we’ve had lots of fun thinking about the thoughts and feelings of a paperclip! We thought very hard about what it was like to be the same as everyone else by thinking about Huey’s new jumper. We decided that it was important for us all to be different in our own way!


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Last Weeks Catch Up 24.1.20

Posted 29/1/2020

We decided to tackle the skillset challenge this week in Humber class which meant that every area of the Carlton skill-set was achieved by at least one member of the class throughout the day. The children have definitely risen to the challenge and have shown many amazing learning behaviours throughout the week. We have really enjoyed working collaboratively in P.E where we have been learning some cheerleading movements and beginning to put them into our own routines. We have all improved our growth mind-set and resilience in Maths this week where we have become extremely confident with measurements and converting between metres and Kilometres, even tackling those horrible word problems! Well done Humber, what a fantastic week! :D

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Last Weeks Catch Up 17.01.20

Posted 20/1/2020

We have really enjoyed the first two weeks back after the holidays as we have begun our new topic ‘What a wonderful world’. We have learnt where America is in the world and learnt a little bit about the American states of New York and Texas. We have been researching about traditional American and British desserts and have begun thinking about different flavours that we could mix together to create our own British-American dessert. We really enjoyed trying all of the different foods! Our class vote decided that we would create our own sticky toffee pudding cookies!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 13.12.19

Posted 23/12/2019

This week Humber visited the Holy Family High School for a morning P.E session with their sports leaders. We had a fantastic time working with the sports leaders to learn and improve our skills from co-ordination to balance. We have also enjoyed thinking about the Shang knowledge that we have acquired this half term and are beginning to use it to create our very own adventure stories. We’re looking forward to hearing them next week.

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Last Weeks Catch Up 29.11.19

Posted 5/12/2019

This week we have been learning lots of pencil skills in art, this has helped us understand how to create different tones and shades within our images. We worked hard to control the pressure that we put on our pencil. We have used a huge amount of determination this week to master solving 2-digit divided by 1-digit problems, we found this father tricky at first but when we worked hard using our determination, resilience and collaboration we all became masters!

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Last Weeks Catch Up 22.11.19

Posted 25/11/2019

It’s been a very exciting week in Humber class this week! We started the week by carrying out a science investigation to find out if gas had a mass. We had lots of fun trying to separate the gas from the liquid. We found out more information about the Shang Dynasty and their beliefs. We learnt how important their ancestors were and planned our own ritual thinking about each stage of the process, before role playing them to show our friends.

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Last weeks catch up 15.11.19

Posted 21/11/2019

Humber class have been very focused this week as we learnt about remembrance day and the meaning behind it. We were very interested in this topic so we wrote our own free verse poems as a group to make sure that we had included lots of the tricky features within a poem. They were fantastic! We have also been very busy learning about the people of the Shang dynasty and thought about what it would be like during Shang times. We decided that we definitely would not want to be a Shang slave!


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Last weeks catch up 08.11.19

Posted 15/11/2019

The week before half term, Humber class had been planning and writing our autobiographies, the children  really enjoyed writing them and are extremely proud of their work. They had also been working on their self-portraits in the style of Picasso using different mediums. Well done Humber class!



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